~ Michael William Egan ~
May 4, 1963 - December 23, 2004

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Mike's ashes were inturned at Willamette National Cemetery, following a military ceremony conducted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Julie and I had to return home after the service, and it would be four years before I was able to see Mike's plot and headstone for the first time. The first two pictures below were taken by our good friends Kevin and Jude Provost, whose love and support of Julie and myself at the time of Michael's death was beyond measure.

The meditation bench near Mike's marker.

The pictures below were taken by Mike's friend--and now our friend--Amphone Hanthaley.

In December, 2012 we visited Mike's plot for the first time. With me is my son, Declan.

You can visit the cemetary Website at www.cem.va.gov/CEM/cems/nchp/willamette.asp

For a map and directions to Willamette National Cemetary Click Here